Your Photographer.
Your Secret Keeper

I, Zakiya Gayle, hereby promise
that not only will you slay your photoshoot,
but you will leave it ready to slay life.


"Bad hair" days, "Bad body" days, and "bad life" days,
do not exist in my presence.


In the 4 hours that we are together,
you will experience the true, unadulterated, childlike bliss that life is about.


Fireworks and confetti type shit.



There will be just sun (or beautiful, sexy rain), sand, wine, and sea.

Everything a grown woman needs.


Experience truly unapologetic inhibition and a blissful celebration of your body in its purest form.

Hot as fuck of course.


Age ain't nothin but a feeling.

Come, join me.

Zakiya Long Signature


We thought you'd never ask...

Your secret photoshoot will take place in Barbados, Tobago, St Lucia, or Bahamas - your pick!